Make Your Own Pinboard

Here is a fab little craft – making your own customised pinboard.
 I got this idea from a friend, who was making them herself in the hope of selling them for a bit of extra cash.

This is a great activity and makes something that can be used afterwards for many purposes!

It is an activity probably better suited to a slightly older child – not sure I would trust my 4 yr old with a staple gun!

I chose to do it with Rachel who is 5 1/2! She was a bit scared of the staple gun at first but soon gave it a try!

Obviously as it uses a staple gun don’t leave your children unattended!20140402_153948

Materials required:



Fat quarter of material of your choice

Staple Gun


Cotton wool for padding.

Watch our video on how we made it!

Firstly glue some cotton wool onto the board.
Hold the material (the right way) over the padded board.
Turn over and pull the material tight.
Using the staple gun, staple the material into place.
Next add strips of ribbon in a criss-cross pattern.

Staple ribbon into place on the reverse of the board.

Glue buttons onto the ribbon where they cross over.