Children’s Travel Busy Box

When I booked our summer holiday staycation for this summer, I didn’t even think about the fact that I had booked to travel on the bank holiday weekend. And we all know how awful bank holiday traffic can be…

I realised 2 days before we left, so decided that I needed to get organised and be prepared, and get some bits and bobs together to keep the children entertained on the long journey.

We call them our travel busy boxes.

Travel Busy Box

We have been building up the art and craft supplies we have at home, but I wasn’t sure what to put everything in.

So I headed to Sainsbury’s to get a few essentials and was thrilled to find that most of their back to school stuff was half price!

I got a plastic box file for each of the monsters, and a clipboard for them to lean on in the car, and filled them with all sorts of different activity essentials.

Here are our contents for this journey:
Busy box contents

I also made labels for each box – yes I used Picmonkey again!!



Here are the finished articles:



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