Dinosaur Mobile

Jack and I have been making a dinosaur mobile!

It was done over a couple of days after nursery.

Firstly we did some dinosaur printing using the stamps we used on these t-shirts we made a while ago.

We printed using red, yellow and blue paint onto the centre of some paper plates.

Some of them were printed straight onto the plates and on some we painted the plates first in one colour and then stamped the dinosaur on in another colour.

We had lots of fun getting messy and doing this!


Then we had to leave them to dry.

When they were dry we got together lots of things to decorate them with including felt-tip pens, feathers, buttons and sparkly stickers.

We also gave them all googily eyes!


Jack really loved using the buttons to decorate them.

I helped him with some colouring on a couple of them and helped him with the gluing to start with, but aside from that, I left him to decorate them how he wanted to do it.


When he had finished decorating them, I made a hole in the top of each one and I threaded varying lengths of wool through them to hang them from.

We used an old clothes hanger to hang the plates from.

Overall they look pretty good and make a great, brightly coloured mobile!