Easy Clay Fridge Magnet

My 4 year old loves to model with playdough and clay. On our afternoons together, he always demands either to make and play with playdough, or to get some clay out.

Usually he isn’t particularly creative -without being given direction anyway – but on one of these afternoons, his creative flair suddenly came out and he appeared at my side with a face he had modelled out of some clay!

He had made it a little nose and stuck self-adhesive googily eyes on it.

So I decided this was something to be kept and also to be encouraged, so as we had some self-adhesive magnets we decided to make it into a fridge magnet.


Air drying clay

Googily Eyes



How to:

Roll a piece of clay into a round(ish!) shape.

In the centre push a small ball of clay on to make a nose.

Stick two googily eyes on.

Leave for a day or two to dry.

Paint the clay on both sides (try not to paint over the eyes, but if you do then wipe it off carefully).

Leave to one side for the paint to dry.

Once dry stick one or two of the adhesive magnets onto the back.

And there you go a cute little clay fridge magnet!