Fabric Covered Pencil Holder

We made these lovely fabric covered pen pots as part of our teacher gifts this year. They are really easy to make and are a lovely handmade gift idea!

Fabric Covered Pencil Holderfabric covered pencil holder

What you need:
Fat quarter – cut to size
Mdf or cardboard pencil pot
Mod Podge

How to do it:

Firstly measure your fat quarter and cut to size. You need enough lengthways to wrap all round your pot and heightwise enough to fold over into the top of the pen pot. You also need a square to fit onto the bottom.
Spread mod podge onto one side of your pen pot and carefully place your fabric onto it and smooth down.
Turn your pot to the next side and repeat the gluing process.
Repeat on all sides.

Spread mod podge around the inside top of your pot and fold your fabric over and smooth down.

Mod podge the bottom of your pot and glue the base square into place.
Finally cover the entire fabric in a fine layer of mod podge and leave to dry.
Add pens or pencils, and your customised pot is ready for use.

We found our pen pots in packs of 3 at Ikea. Of course they were decorative enough to not require covering, but we really wanted to customise them and make them ourselves. You can also get mdf boxes from paperchase online or instore.