Foam Squares Photo Frame

One of the lovely little packet craft activities I bought from Yellow Moon, was a “make your own photo frame”.

We pulled the pack out one day after school, when the children were itching to do something.

It was a really simple activity.

The packet contains a rectangular foam frame with squares on it, 2 foam feet and a back to go onto the frame when complete.

It also contains 3 different colours of small foam square stickers.wpid-wp-1410900142611.jpeg

All you have to do is then stick the little stickers onto the frame in whatever pattern you wish to use.wpid-wp-1410900197390.jpeg

Rachel threw herself into the activity and really enjoyed making a pattern using the foam stickers.wpid-wp-1410900230780.jpeg

Of course she chose the girly pink, purple and yellow.

Jack chose light blue, orange and dark blue.

He struggled with this more than Rachel, partly because he has a very short attention span, and partly because he needed help peeling the backing off the back of the squares!


We picked photos of them with their favourite cousin Z, taken on our recent holiday.

The backing foam sticker isn’t really big enough to hold the photo in place and being foam, normal sticky tape doesn’t hold very well, so you need to look at some other options to help with holding the photo in place.

Overall though, the finished articles look great!