Handpainted Coasters Gift for Mum & Dad

Jack really wanted to do some painting this weekend.
We had some plain coasters sitting around, so using some acrylic paint we made some handpainted coasters. I let him decide on the designs by himself.
He wanted to do a heart which was brilliant for me as I was looking for a valentine activity for us to do!
He carefully painted the heart. And then melted my heart when he said it was for me and painted Mum at the top with a kiss at the bottom!


Next he decided he should also make one for Daddy. He knew straight away what to paint – a football!. He wanted to paint it white but I suggested that might not work on a white coaster so he chose Daddys teams colour – blue.


This is a really easy activity and makes a great keepsake! They just need varnishing once they are completely dry with a Matte Gel to protect the paint from washing off.
If you don’t have plain ceramic coasters you can always use tiles and adhesive cork pads to make your own, like we did last Christmas. Or you can buy a kit from amazon.

handpainted coasters