Homemade Teepee

A couple of days ago, we were at a  bit of a loose end – in between the chaos of painting the house and running around in every direction -so, I decided we should have a peaceful day at home and take  the opportunity to play outside. As it was so hot I decided to get Rachel’s tent out to give some shade.teepee

However I soon changed my mind, when I couldn’t find all the poles and after having recently seen some gorgeous looking teepees on twitter and instagram, I decided we could make our own.
We bought some bamboo canes from Homebase and a cheap white tablecloth.
Rachel helped me to decorate the cloth, following a super design and post I had seen recently from The DC project, on potato printing.

We used 3 different colours – pink, silver and blue – and using potatoes cut into triangle shapes we created a pattern.

I’m ashamed to say that after the first row, my OCD tendencies took over – the panic attacks setting in when Rachel kept dropping the potatoes, dripping paint on the cloth, not printing in straight lines etc..
In my defence it was very hot, as we were sitting outside to do this, so I dived in to help and took over, doing quite a bit of it. I left some of the easier sections to print, the ones near the edges of the cloth, for Rach to do.

While it was drying we set up the poles strategically and then I bound them together with some twine.
Once the cloth had dried we attached the cloth around the top with a pretty butterfly hairclip and pinned back the “doors” with pegs.

Not bad for less than a tenner and only a minimal amount of blood, sweat and tears!