How to transform an old stool

We have an Ikea stool in the kitchen so that the small people in our household (the kids and me!) can reach the high-up shelves in the fridge and cupboards.
It has been used many times, for many things and was starting to look a tad worse for wear – slightly dirty, a bit paint speckled from where I used it to reach high walls. It definitely needed some tlc!

So how can you transform an old stool?
transform an old stool

Well here is how my 4 year old and I did it in one hour!

Old stool
Decopatch paper
Mod Podge
Chalk paint

How to
Clean the stool and make sure it is all dry.
Take your decopatch papers and tear into small strips.
Spread a fine layer of mod podge onto the step and top of the stool.
Layer your torn decopatch papers onto the glue.
Smooth down with your fingers and then use a brush to cover them all with another coat of mod podge.
Use the chalkboard paint to paint the legs and frame.
Leave to dry
There you have it a “new” stool!

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