Loom Band Mania

Which parent of a school-age child has not been sucked into the realm of Loom Bands?

They are everywhere. No-one is safe.


We first encountered them when Rachel was gifted a box set by one of her friends for her birthday.

In my infinite wisdom, I had packed them to take on holiday as an activity we could do when it was too hot to be outside.

It ended up being an activity I did when it was too hot be outside. I couldn’t make head nor tail of the instructions and the darned loom, let alone explain it to my 6 year old.

It was shelved, hidden in a cupboard on our return.

The they started popping up everywhere. Rachel’s friends were making them, they were selling them at Kenilworth carnival, there was even a loom band club started at school.

So I decided I had better try again.

I trawled the internet and somewhere came across the pencil method.

This made sense. This was easy enough for me to do and also simple enough to teach Rachel.

Now, not only is our house swimming in tiny elastic bands, but we all own hundreds of bracelets/necklaces/rings/anklets etc……


In case you haven’t mastered the loom here is the basic pencil method!:NB you need 2 pencils!

1. twist one band into a figure of 8 and loop each loop over the pencil ends


2. add 2 more bands – these just need to be looped straight on (no figure of eight)


3. take the bottom band (the one you had made into a figure of eight at the start and pull out to the side of one pencil then pull it over the top of the pencil

4. do the same on the other side.Now it should look something like this


5. add another band to the top and repeat steps 3 and 4.


6. Keep repeating these steps until you reach your desired length.


7. finally finish off by attaching the ends to either a c-clip or s-clip.

Really easy!


On Sunday I saw a boy using a fork to make a thicker band……..my next loom project πŸ™‚