Make a marble painting with marbles!

We loved the marble painting that Our Little House in the Country did, so we had put it into our rainy day activity jar.

This weekend it was pouring with rain, so still dressed in our pyjamas, we got the jar out and pulled out the marble painting card.


All you need:

Paper or card,



A baking tray

We used the brown paper that I had got from work, and cut it down to the desired size, and put it into a baking tray.
Next we squirted in some splodges of colourful paint and then we dropped in the marbles.

Then Rachel and Jack took it in turns to have a go rolling the marbles in the paint.

Sometimes, the tray needed a really good shuggle (is that even a word?!) to loosen the marbles that got stuck in the paint.

And it is worth protecting any tables/floor where you are working, with plastic sheeting or newspaper, as Jack kept tipping the marbles out of the tray!

The overall effect was a great marbled painting.


Once again this is another great way to decorate the massive roll of brown paper that we have, to use for wrapping paper for gifts!