Make your own playdough sunshine picture!

Searching for some sunshine over the wintery months?

Then make your own, with playdough!

My four year old adores playing with dough, but he is terrible at putting it away properly so we always find dried out lumps of playdough around the house. So we regularly, nowadays, make our own!

Today we decided to try a different recipe and “cook” our dough.

We found this fab recipe from, gathered together our ingredients and set about making it.

We made some lovely, bright yellow playdough, ready to make our sunshine picture.


yellow and red playdough

dry spaghetti

googily eyes

How to make it:

Roll out your yellow dough into a flat circle.

Insert spaghetti all around the edge of your dough circle.

Add googily eyes.

Roll the red playdough into a small, skinny sausage shape to make the mouth.
playdough sunshine!