Make your own volcano

I have always wondered how to make your own volcano!
It’s not something we ever did in science classes when I was at school, but Jack had done it recently at school and was desparate to have a go again at home. He also loves to nag me to let him play with clay, so we combined the two activities!

Firstly we moulded our volcanoes out of air-drying clay. The kids made them very small – I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get the lava to spew out effectively from their teeny tiny volcanoes!

We left them to dry overnight before going back to them to make the lava.
It was actually pretty simple to do – baking powder, and white vinegar, mixed with a dash of Orange/red food colouring.
I carefully spooned some baking powder into the volcanoes. Then mixed the vinegar and food colouring together and slowly let the kids pour it onto the baking powder. They fizzed and bubbled and the lava poured down the sides.
It worked brilliantly and Jack was really pleased. Rachel, at 7, was slightly less impressed, but that was mainly down to the small size!

make your own volcano