Melted Crayon Stars

We have been dying to try melted crayon art for ages and finally this weekend we got to give it a go, making some melted crayon stars!

We always end up with broken crayons in our house – having small children regularly means they get snapped or pressed too hard – so we have been saving them up in a pot.

There are loads of different ways to melt your crayons including using purpose-made machines, microwave, hairdryer etc.

For some different ways to do this check out Wikihows post on 4 Ways to Melt Crayons

We decided to try and microwave ours.


Broken crayons

Plastic container or mould

Bowl of hot water


First of all break your crayons into small pieces in either your bowl or mould.

We were making melted crayon stars so used a star-shaped mould.

Place a bowl of hot water into the microwave and rest the crayon mould on top.

Microwave this for a minute at a time until the crayons start to melt.

(Just a note – we tried first with just a mug of hot water but this did nothing, then we tried the bowl underneath and it worked much better. We also noticed that some crayons melted better than others so it is all a bit of trial and error!)

Once the crayons are melted, place the container in a fridge to harden into the desired mould shape.

Finally remove from the mould and you are left with multi-coloured crayon stars!