Mini Weekend Box Review

We were lucky enough to be sent a mini weekend box to review.


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The mini weekend box comes with all the bits and bobs you need to do 2 activities with your little one(s).
The mini box is priced at £4.95 and comes addressed to your little one so it is super exciting for them to open!
Jack and I opened ours one afternoon whilst big sis Rachel was at cheerleading.
Our box was the Rainforest box and came complete with stickers, character cards, info card about the rainforest and all the bits we needed for our 2 activities. 1) grow your own rainforest and 2) a parrot mask.

We started with activity 1.


Watch our video here : (sorry for the poor sound quality and shaky hands- we are still getting used to our camera!)

Once we had planted our seeds, we popped it to one side on the windowsill.

Then we moved on to activity 2) making the parrot mask.


Jack loved having his own gluestick and was very careful cutting out the mask.


The card we were supposed to use for the feathers had accidentally got wet whilst we were planting our seeds, so, we replaced it with some plain card we had and used the included crayons to make it bright colours.
Jack got a bit distracted drawing pictures at this point!


Once we had assembled the mask and glued it altogether, getting Jack to stand still to pose in it was not so easy!

The activities are clearly explained with a step by step guide and a list of anything else you might need. In this case we needed scissors and a plastic water bottle.

If, like me, you lack innovation and the energy to come up with things to keep your little ones entertained, then the mini weekend box is awesome. 🙂

Where did the idea for Weekend Box come from?
Glad you asked! Weekend Box was the brainchild of Andy Stephenson when he was looking for gift
ideas for his nieces and nephews: he wanted to find something that was educational (but fun), engaging
and something that helped develop key life skills. You can find out more about our history at https:// and more about our philosophy at https:// philosophy

Here is a pic of our plant growing 🙂


Our plant is still growing 3 months later!!