Mosaic Paper Plate

We were looking for an easy activity that would work for both children (4 and nearly 7) and settled on this activity – making a mosaic paper plate.

mosaic paper plate

We always have paper plates in the craft drawers and we had some foam square stickers from craft packs we have had /used in the past.

So we set about making patterns on the paper plates with the different coloured stickers.

Rachel was able to do this by herself and concentrated on trying to get the pattern “right”.

Jack needed help – his short attention span, and easily frustrated attitude  meant I had to help him. But he did enjoy peeling off the sticker backing and handing them to me to stick on!

They had a great time being creative – without too much pressure on them to create anything specific. They could just be free to do as they wanted.

A great, simple activity 🙂

It was also a great opportunity to discuss mosaics with them and talk about the history behind mosaics – how the Romans were excellent creators and built some fantastic mosaics.

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