Paper Plate Hot Air Balloons

 Last week, we went to an open morning event at Jack’s nursery.
It was a chance for us to see what he has been doing over the last few months, and where he spends his time every morning.
Whilst there, we also sat down and made a paper plate hot air balloon together, with tissue paper decoration and a cardboard basket.
We decided to make some more at home but tweaked the design.

Paper plate
Wool or pipe cleaners

How to:
We made 2 hot air balloons.
First of all, we painted the paper plates.
Jack’s was red and Rachel chose a turquoise colour for hers.
Then we cut out the baskets from some black cardboard.
We chose photographs of the children and cut them out – they were the hot air balloon occupants!
We put some glue along the bottom edge of the photo (on the printed side) – about 1cm depth. And then we glued this to the top of the basket.
Once the paint was dry, Rachel decided to add some more decoration to hers – writing and stickers.
Then lastly we attached the “balloon” plate to the basket – one with pipe cleaners as the ropes and one with wool.
There you go! Easy paper plate hot air balloons!