Paper Plate Sheep!

After Rachel and Jack got the opportunity to see a lamb being born at the farm, we decided to welcome in the spring by making some paper plate sheep!

These are really simple to make and even my two couldn’t go wrong!

First of all we got all our bits and pieces together.


Paper Plate x 2 (per lamb)

PVA glue

Cotton Wool Balls

Straws or Lollipop sticks for the legs

Googily eyes

Black paper

Pritt Stick

And this is how we made it:paper plate sheep

First we pulled all the cotton wool balls to make them fluffier and bigger.

Then we took our paper plates and covered them with the PVA glue.

Next it was time to get sticky, putting all the cotton wool over the plates to make the sheep’s body. We got very fluffy doing this!

Whilst the glue dried a bit we made the sheep’s heads.

We cut a paper plate in half, folded that half into a quarter, and then cut it into roughly half an egg shape.

We covered this on both sides with black paper – gluing it on with the pritt stick – PVA glue would make the paper too wet.

We stuck the googily eyes onto the middle of the head and then glued the head onto one side of the fluffy paper plate.

Finally we glued on the legs.

And that is how we got from this:


to this:our paper plate sheep

The kids loved this activity!

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