Peeping Chick Easter Egg Design

Each year, Rachel’s school hold a competition to design the best Easter Egg.
Last year we did a button picture, which I thought was awesome but didn’t win her a prize.
This year we came up with a new design together and worked on it over the weekend.

Peeping chick easter egg
Tissue paper
Yellow Felt-Tip
Googily Eyes
Orange Card
Yellow Feathers


How to:
Tear your tissue into small pieces and scrunch them all up.
Draw a crack across your egg (as if it is starting to open)
Draw a part circle in the centre of your cracked part and colour in yellow.


Spread glue across all of the egg shell (not the cracked part) and spread your scrunched tissue paper over it.


Cut out a triangle from the orange card and stick in the centre of the yellow circle.
Add googily eyes each side of the beak.
Finally glue some feathers onto each side of the chicks face.
Your peeping chick is all done!