Pirate fun and crafts

Amongst other things, Jack loves pirates.

He can often be heard declaring “Ahaaa me parties” – yes he hasn’t quite grasped pirate speak!


Some of his favourite books are about pirates – like the Skullabones books. He has a pirate ship bed, and I lovingly painted him a pirate treasure map onto his bedroom wall using a paint by number mural. Also, on a recent trip to Blooms garden centre, he had gone into The Works and demanded a £1.99 sword, so he could be a real pirate!

So one morning, before he started at nursery, we decided to have a pirate morning.

First of all we made a pirate eyepatch.

This was super easy.

We got a piece of white card and folded it in half.

Then we coloured it in black and I cut it into an eyepatch shape – careful not to cut the folded edge.

We didn’t have any black elastic, so we used some white elastic and coloured it in black with a fabric pen.

Then we stuck the two ends of the elastic together, hung the folded eyepatch over the elastic and then glued it in place.wpid-collage-2014-09-06-11_36_27.jpg.jpeg

After the eyepatch, we made our own bandana.

We used a cheap pillowcase to make this.

Firstly I cut it in half, then we made a swirly, scribbly pattern on it, using the fabric t-shirt pens that we had from an earlier activity.

Tied around his head, with his eyepatch and his plastic sword, he really did look the part!


We didn’t stop there though.

We did one final activity – making a pirate ship, using a baker ross pack we had bought from Yellow Moon.

It was quite straight forward – although for a 3 year old, getting the pieces to stick in the right place was not as easy as it sounds.


We had a great morning of pirate fun and it was nice to have some one on one time with Jack before nursery school started.