Plastic cup telephone

So with the rain pouring outside we had to get out the rainy day jar – a little sooner than I had hoped – and select a suitable indoor activity.

wpid-20140720_160528.jpgRachel wanted to pick first and so I proffered her the cards (after shuffling them first so she couldn’t cheat!) and she selected Simon Says.. Jack played enthusiastically but Rachel was being particularly difficult yesterday morning and was having none of it.

Well, until I challenged her to show Jack how good she was at it.

But the positive response was short-lived, so I decided to give up and let Jack select an activity. This time he pulled out the “make a telephone” card.


Neither of them had a clue what this meant and to be honest it was difficult to get Jack interested in this one (typical!) at first.

I fetched the string and plastic cups and Rachel helped me attach them the cups to the string.


Then we tested it out. It is many years since I have made these plastic cup telephones and I was pleasantly surprised to remember that they do actually  work – if you pull the string taut.

Then I found them some stickers, so that they decorate their respective cups.

This was, I think, their favourite part of the activity!wpid-collage-2014-07-19-13_53_45.jpg.jpeg

Then Daddy had a turn talking to Rachel, whilst the cat enjoyed jumping up at the string and attempting to pull it off them!

An activity from my childhood that was fun to share with my children, and hopefully we can use the telephones again too!

I might even change the string for a longer bit so that they can talk to each other from their bedrooms.

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