Recycled Cinderella Carriage

Rachel’s homework for the Christmas period was to create a mode of transport using recycled materials.

We could have done the normal – car, boat, hot air balloon etc, – but we decided to be a little bit different and decided to make a horsedrawn carriage.

After looking for inspiration on the internet, we decided to do a Cinderella style carriage – which would be drawn by her Barbie horse.

What you need:


Wrapping paper and paper hats or newspaper

PVA Glue






1. Blow up your balloon – if possible keep it quite round!

2. Use this as the mould for your carriage – cover with papier mache. For this you need to mix some PVA glue with a drop of water. Spread the glue mix onto the balloon and using the torn up wrapping paper, paper hats and newspaper, cover the balloon in layer after layer of paper, smoothing each one down in between and allowing them to dry as well. Build up the layers until you have a fairly sturdy pumpkin-like carriage.

3. Paint your carriage whatever your desired colour. We chose bright pink!

4. Cut out 16 circles of cardboard to make your wheels.

5. Take the 2 straws and 2 skewers, and tie them together using some string to make the frame for the wheels and carriage to sit on.

6. Stick 4 cardboard circles together for each wheel (this makes the wheels quite sturdy)

7. Punch a whole in the centre of the cardboard circles and insert the skewers into the whole. Stick a rectangle of cardboard onto the wheel frame.

8. Using a sharp knife (adults do this bit!), cut a door and window out of the carriage on either side and make a slit on either side near the front for the ribbon reins.

9. Push the ribbon through the slit on one side and out the other pull so that the lengths of ribbon at either end are roughly equal. This is how the carriage will be attached to the horse.

10. Stick the carriage onto the wheel frame using some sellotape or gaffer tape, and tie the ribbons onto the horse.

Ta Dah! Your very own Cinderella carriage.