Sock Puppet

Who doesn’t have a pile of odd socks to hand?

What better way to use them, than to turn them into the good old traditional sock puppets?


Jack and I had fun turning one of my old and odd socks into a funny looking sock puppet!

What you need:wpid-img_20141001_145623.jpg


googily eyes



fabric pens

mini pompoms

red felt

What we did:

We popped the sock onto Jack hand with his fingers in the toe section and his thumb in the heel (making the underside of the sock the mouth).

We stuck googily eyes on in between the knuckles.

Inside the mouth we glued a little red felt tongue.


On the top off the head, above the eyes we stuck on some wool for hair.

And finally we stuck a pompom on for its nose.

You could also use the fabric pens to add more definition to your sock puppet, we decided not to do this on this occasion.