Valentines Recycled Trinket Box

Got any boxes lying around? Transform them into a cute little trinket box, perfect for Valentines, and easy to make with just papier mache and paint!

Pink Tissue Paper
Red paint
Purple Glitter Glue
PVA Glue

We used an old mobile phone box, as it was a good size and nice and sturdy.
Firstly, we tore the tissue paper into strips.
We made a mix of slightly watered down PVA glue and used this to glue a few layers of tissue paper all over the box.

When the papier mache was dry, we cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard and held it on to the lid.
Then using our fingers we used the red paint and purple glitter glue to fingerprint all around the heart.wpid-20150123_145905.jpg
We left it to dry and then we carefully lifted off the heart leaving a perfect heart  imprint on the lid.

A cute and simple Valentines gift 🙂