Wool and Button Easter Egg Picture

For the first time this year, my 4 yr old also got to take part in the schools “design an easter egg’ competition.
As his attention span is very short, and his colouring skills are not great, we decided to go for a cutting and sticking activity.

So we made this wool and button egg design!

wool and button egg
Blank egg shape on paper


How to:
We cut the wool into small strips.
Then we dipped it into PVA glue and laid it onto the egg at approx 1 inch intervals.
In between each piece of wool we glued different coloured buttons.

The result is a really pretty, but really simple (and quick) egg design for little ones who are not inclined to spend a long time crafting or colouring.

It is also a really great way to help them with learning numbers and counting. We spent some time, once it was dry counting the rows and buttons of each colour 🙂

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