Temper tantrums and Boundary Pushing!

Being a parent is sometimes a complete nightmare.
I have written before about how my 4 yr old completely bypassed the terrible twos, then turned three and became something of a monster and how to survive this terrible time!
This still continues and we have recently taken a good, hard look at our parenting practises.

Katie from Hurrah for Gin wrote a super post a week or so ago, on being the Queen of empty threats and that sums us up to a tee.
We throw these comments around, the “we won’t take you on holiday”, “we will take your ipad away” ones- with free abandon, and have never considered the impact this has, when we rarely follow them up and more often than not just opt for the easy escape/give in to demands.
I will be writing about our new attempts at discipline at some point (!), but for now, let me leave you with this list of the top five temper tantrums my 4 year old has thrown this week!! :-

1. The most common whine at the moment is technology based…

Him – “get me a new game”

Me – “No”

Him – “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” – kick, hit

Me – “still no”

2. The second is treat -based

Him – ” I want sweets”

Me – ” If you eat all your dinner, you can have a couple after dinner”

Him – ” No I want them now” – hit

Me – “If you hit me you want have any”

Him – hit, kick ” waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

3. Third up, he always wants to go somewhere, but then changes his mind..

Him – ” I want to go see the animals”

Me – “Okay”

We set off to see animals, on the way he spies a bouncy castle…

Him – “I want to go on that”

Me – “After we have seen the animals”

Him – “I don’t want to see the animals, I want to do that”

Me – “After we have seen the animals”

Him – “No, now… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” hit, kick

4. Wants a new toy

Him – “I want a toy”

Me – “I am getting you a toy today and you do not have enough money to buy your own”

Him – “I want one NOW! waaaaaaaaaaaa” kick, another kick
temper tantrum #2

5. Fights every morning with his sister over who is sitting in the front of the car on the way to school.

Him – “I want to sit in the front”

Her – “It’s my turn today.”

Him – “waaaaaaaaaaaaa. I am not getting in the back”

Me – “okay, bye”

Him – “waaaaaaaaaaaaa”