Attend a community event

So a couple of weekends ago we went to a summer party at the Church opposite our house.

It was a beautiful sunny day and as it is so close to our home it was a simple afternoon activity out of the house with no travel involved.

It was well set-out with plenty of outdoor games and activities for the children as well as some indoor games, craft activities, a soft play area, facepainting etc.

First of all we had a quick look around in the church.

The children begged to get their faces painted but we were told that they would not be allowed on the bouncy castle – which was what had really caught our eye from across the street – with our faces painted.

So we headed outdoors to see what else there was to do.

Firstly the children had a lovely bounce on the bouncy castle.

The way that the church had organised it was that you had to buy a roll of raffle tickets at the entrance and then you used these to “pay” for your activities and could do whatever you wanted with them. For the bouncy castle you had to give in a ticket each but could then come back as many times as you wished.


There were various other games outside too, including a fish for the duck game, a coconut shy, and a stocks where you were tortured with wet sponges! The kids loved this and particularly enjoyed soaking Daddy – I of course was photographing so couldn’t possibly go in!


In the church hall there were various craft activities and some other games such as a mini golf game which the kids enjoyed although they needed a bit of help with this from Daddy too.

They made some terrible looking monsters out of egg cartons and various other bits at the craft tables.


After this we headed back outside and had an ice cream, played on the slide and then they got some balloon models before we headed back across the road to home.

There were other things too that we didn’t get to do – such as they were holding storytime in a small tent in the garden, selling off toys on a stall inside the church, playing football, boules etc etc etc.

There are plenty of community events around that you can attend over the year. For example many local schools hold Christmas and Summer Fete’s, our local swimming pool holds farmers markets and there are a whole host of other things, if you make the effort to go out and look for them.

They are a great way to get your children out and about and a great way to make new friends and support your local community.


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