British Summertime Festival 2015 – Family Day

On Sunday 28th July we went to the family event at the British Summertime Festival 2015 – held in Hyde Park., London.

I remember that we went last year and had a lovely day out, so I had suggested that my sis-in-law and family accompany us this year, and I kind of wish I hadn’t!

Last year we enjoyed beautiful weather and I think that may have held the key for the enjoyment factor, as this year it rained (at times rather heavily) and I left somewhat disappointed.

The BST run a number of events throughout July in Hyde Park – this years highlights included Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue and plenty more.

We attended the family day – where the headliners were Union J and Collabro. (although we were unable to stay late enough to see them perform as we had to get back to Coventry at a reasonable time with the children.

The price is quite reasonable at £15 a ticket, but then you need to bear in mind that on top of that you have to pay for everything inside. You are not allowed to take food and drink inside, so we had our picnic just outside the main gates – which was fine as the start time was 11.30am so we didn’t go in til closer to midday.
outside the british summertime festival 2015

There are a number of rides inside which the children would have loved to go on, but we had to be quite conservative with what we did, as at £3 or £4 a turn they are not cheap.

Cousin Z went on the little train ride, which of course he loved being a very keen Thomas the Tank Engine enthusiast. My two and Daddy went on the big swings – that they loved last year. Sadly Rachel trapped her hand in the harness mechanism and screamed more getting off the ride than she had on the ride! Daddy and Rachel then had to take a trip to the first aid tent to get some ice and get her fixed up. Luckily it soon eased. Also it was quite lucky timing as this was the point that it really started to downpour.

By the entrance, Auntie Sarah had spotted a Puffin/Ladybird tent so we all went and sheltered there – along with probably a hundred or so other people!

At last the rain eased and we headed to the stage as there was due to be a Frozen Sing- a- long Guinness book of records attempt taking place at 2pm. As we arrived they had stopped letting people through to the enclosure in front of the stage, so we went back round to the centre stage area, so we could at least watch it – only for them to then let a whole load more people in. After half an hour of them dragging it out and getting practise after practise done, they finally did the rendition live on air. Jack loved it – but to be honest something in Daddy’s hair was more appealing!

Next up on the stage was Justin Fletcher.

I never thought there would come a day where seeing Justin live would be the highlight of my day! But there you go.

He gave a great show, as always and got all the crowds joining in.

And that was about it for us. Auntie Sarah and family headed off home, so we took it as our cue to head for the train station as well.

Not a terrible day out and was great to be with family – I am sure the weather would have made a massive difference too – but it could have been better. I would rather have paid an extra £5 per person up front to get free rides on things but I guess that is how they make their money on this event.

Final verdict: average.