Charlecote Park, Warwickshire

At the weekend we took a trip out to another local National Trust Property.


This time we visited Charlecote Park in Warwickshire.

It was pouring with rain – for the first time in a while, so we kited ourselves out with raincoats and wells. A bit of rain wasn’t going to stop the Kettle’s from having a trip out!


We headed through the visitor entrance and then crossed the road towards the house.

Halfway along the drive is the Gatehouse, which houses a second hand bookshop and the family museum. We had a look around at the old childrens toys and the taxidermy animals and birds.



Then we carried on along the driveway to the main house.

As with the other houses there were things around the house for the children to find – in this case it was mice – Charlie and Lucy who are hidden in all the rooms.


After looking around the main part of the house, we headed outside and had a look around the gardens. We saw the piggery and beehives and then went onto the lawn to look out at the river and the parkland.




By this time the rain had eased off, so we decided to take a walk around the grounds. We spotted the deer ahead of us on the path, with the occasional one springing across the path in front of us.wpid-wp-1407184878869.jpeg

Then we saw a couple of herds to the side of us, so we followed the path to see how close we could get, but they all moved away as we got closer.


Then we spotted the Jacob’s sheep further up ahead of us and we ¬†were able to get a lot closer to them.



Now, as we strolled back towards the house, the sun started to shine.wpid-wp-1407184395911.jpeg

We had a look in the house kitchens, some more of the gardens and the carriage house.




Then decided that we had seen enough for this time and headed back to the car and home.

It was another lovely property to visit and great whatever the weather.
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