Drayton Manor Park and Thomasland Part 2

And so for the second part of our trip to Drayton Manor…

After the Dinotrail, we headed back through the zoo to hit the big rollercoaster. The Ben 10 ride.

We didn’t stop to see many of the animals but we watched the gibbons giving a swinging display to their audience, saw the meerkats watching all their visitors and checked out the owls – particularly the Snowy Owl which is Rachel’s favourite!

We headed to the Ben 10 ride and found that there wasn’t a great big queue. It is really dark inside, wheer you have to queue up and as there was no-one really in front of us it made it difficult to see where we were going! After following the corridors you come into a small room set up ass some kind of lab with monsters in tubes. This could be a little bit scary for some, but my two weren’t bothered! Then you go back outside to board the ride. It is quite a fast ride for little ones, but Jack, at three absolutely loved it, squealing and screaming (with joy!) all the way round!

Who would have thought that Jack would have been such an adrenaline junkie?!
Rachel and I then made the foolish decision to go on the Stormforce 10. It looks like a standard log flume ride. But do not be fooled! We got DRENCHED! And I mean drenched. Trousers, knickers – EVERYTHING!! It was fun though. There are three downward slides – the first is quite small and you get a bit splashed – fine we though, not too bad. The second was the one that got us. You go down the second backwards and as we were at the back we got hit with a wall of water! Then the third is the biggest – but really by this time, you are so wet, that you don’t really notice!

Jack was (sadly, or possibly fortunately!) too small, so he and Daddy went on the splash canyon ride – which also says you will get soaked, but they barely got splashed at all! 
Daddy and Rachel then went on the air race.
Spinning planes – upside down and everything!


After watching them on this ride, Jack and I headed back towards Thomasland, stopping to have a  a go on the Jolly Buccaneers ride. Daddy and Rach went on the big swinging Pirate ship whilst Jack and I managed a few quick rides in Thomasland – Harold the Helicopter, Bertie the Bus and the Diesels.
The rides closed at 5, so once they did we headed home.
Overall we had a fab day!