Drayton Manor Theme Park and Thomasland Part 1

We were at a loss as to what to do last Sunday. The weather was okay – well, it wasn’t raining anyway! – so Daddy and I suggested a trip out somewhere.
We gave them a few options but it was pretty evident which one would win the vote!
Drayton Manor and Thomasland are about half an hour from where we live – in fact it’s not far from Kingsbury Water Park where we went the previous weekend.
We bought the tickets online – highly recommended as the online price – even at short notice – is a whole lot cheaper than buying on the gate.
(It’s a further £11 cheaper if you book a week or more in advance.)
We arrived around lunchtime and headed straight into Thomasland. You may have seen the ads “now bigger and better” and we were pleasantly surprised. It’s not a whole theme park, but they have added a whole lot of extra rides and it feels more spacious.
The first ride we tried was Captain’s Sea Adventure. You sit on a boat and shoot squirters at other people and at the poor innocents watching! Great fun!

Next up was Toby and then the Blue Mountain Engines. Also new rides, also great and for some reason no queues at all!
Then we went on the troublesome trucks mini rollercoaster. Jack’s first rollercoaster and he loved it. You can see it in his face!

Next up we saw the Fat Controller doing his show! The kids were intrigued but not actually that interested in hanging around!
Next up was Cranky – glad we did it before lunch! And then we braved Bulstrode. Last time we were at Thomasland Rachel refused point blank to go on it! This time there was no stopping.

We had lunch in the new Sodor Airport. It was pleasant enough – the poor boy serving didn’t have a clue how to make a cappuccino – and there was a family completely ignoring their screaming child which was pretty irksome.
The price for a kids lunchbox was £3.95 – not bad for this kind of place.
After lunch we decided to take a train ride to the Zoo and Dino-trail.

The Dino-trail was no Jurassic park – but it was interesting enough.

Watch out for part two coming later!