Go Ape Junior and The Gruffalo Trail

Wow, wow, wow!!!! What a day!!!

Rachel and I were lucky enough to receive tickets to visit the new GoApe Treetop Junior course in the Wyre Forest.
It was quite a trek for us, but we stopped off on the way for lunch with the in-laws, half way there.


Monkey posing pre-ape-adventure!

We were booked in for 2.15pm, and although they do suggest getting there early, 1pm was probably a bit too early! So we headed in to the forest first and followed the Gruffalo trail. The Gruffalo trail was designed recently to celebrate 15 years of the Gruffalo, and trails can be found in many of the Forestry Commission Forests around the country.


Heading into the deep dark woods

Rachel loved spotting the animals and reading the boards and doing all of the activities.

We did rush around it a bit as I was conscious of the time and didn’t want to get us lost in the Forest and miss our slot! I needn’t have worried as the trail ends right by the GoApe cabin. 

Anyway, back to the Gruffalo Trail. Firstly we spotted the mouse. Then we saw the fox. Next we found a clearing with a wooden carved Gruffalo lying asleep in it. Then we saw the owl and the snake. Finally the Gruffalo was at the end of the trail.

wpid-collage-2014-07-31-21_04_00.jpg.jpeg Before we headed into the treetops, we popped back up the hill for a toilet break, as you won’t be able to stop once you are on the course.
At the cabin they give you a card with safety information to digest. Then you have to sign the forms.
Then you head to the start of the challenge, where you are kitted out with a harness and rope with a heavy lock to hold you on to the wires in the trees.
Firstly they send you off on course 1 – the easy course! The first time we did it, we were a little bit nervous but we made it all round the course to the zipwire at the end.


course 1!

You have to do the zipwire if you want to continue onto course 2 and 3, as you cannot get down from that one unless you do the zipwire.
Rachel, who had been very excited about this part of the course, was all of a sudden petrified and didn’t want to do it.
However, it didn’t take much coaxing, and as soon as she launched off, she loved it!



Then it was my turn and I was absolutely terrified! I sat down and edged off the platform and flew down, landing rather unceremoniously on my bottom!
Buoyed on by our success on course 1, we headed on to course 2/3.
Oh my goodness, this one was harder! I went first this time so Rachel could hang on to my waistband. Most of the bridges on this course didn’t have ropes to hold on to, other than the wire you are clipped on to, and a lot of them swing around. Rachel was a lot more nervous and a lot less brave on this one. However, she did great – better than me in all reality!


course 2 is much harder!!

After completing course 2/3, we still had about half an hour of time left so we headed back on to course 1, and this time it seemed so much easier! We whizzed round it twice! The final time, we could hear the thunder rolling in and by the time we got to the end of the course, the rain was pouring down.


Back on 1 – this is easy now!

We would have liked to have done the other course again, but we ran out of time.

We gave back our harnesses, and Rachel received a little goody bag – containing a monkey mask, a yo-yo, a pencil, a small set of colouring pencils and a colouring sheet.

She also got a sticker and a medal, and we both received certificates!


certificates and medal

We ran down to the cabin to shelter from the rain, as we had left our wet weather gear back in the car, and the lovely lady, who had greeted us at the beginning, sent us across to another shelter where there was a free barbecue. Rachel grabbed a burger and sausage!


yummy yummy

Then we waited for a gap in the rain so we could head for the car-park.

All in all we had a fantastic time, and really enjoyed ourselves.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone with energetic and thrill-seeking children!

Next time, Hubby and I need to wuss out of tackle the grown-up version.

But maybe not until I have recovered from this one!

Here’s the video of our adventure in Wyre Forest!

* We were lucky enough to have been given the tickets for the launch of Go-Ape Treetops Junior in the Wyre Forest. However, we were not asked to write a review in return for this.This review was written completely by myself, and all the images, videos and opinions are completely our own.

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