Going to the Cinema with Your Kids


At what age did you brave going to the cinema with your kids?
It is a very different trip than when you used to go by yourselves! Whereas adults can quite happily sit through hours of movies, kids cannot always manage it!
We have been taking both of ours to the movies since they were about 3. The movies have to be a reasonable length and interesting enough to keep them entertained, otherwise they bore easily. The Tinkerbell movies and Thomas the Tank movies are about the right length – an hour seems to be perfect to keep them watching. Now my kids are 4 and 7, this hasn’t really changed that much, although they can sit still for slightly longer sometimes!

We also make sure we have plenty of snacks and drinks to keep them refreshed and quiet throughout!


Over the school summer holidays, the children and I braved spent an entire day out “at the movies”!

We stocked up on treats, popcorn and drinks at the supermarket beforehand in order to save ourselves some money!
Firstly we watched the new Thomas the Tank Engine movie, The Legend of the Lost Treasure. Then we had a break for lunch before heading back into the cinema to watch Disney’s latest blockbuster, Inside Out.
The Thomas movie is an excellent length for the audience it is aimed at. Lasting an hour it was just about perfect for little ones to enjoy before getting bored.
The story was fun and we particularly loved the song about Little Engines.
I don’t think it is as good as the last movie, Tale of the Brave, which is by far my favourite Thomas movie!! But it is fantastic, with lots of new engines to meet and it’s always great to see the old favourites as well as some of Thomas’ non-engine friends like Oliver and Jack.

We needed the break for lunch – to stretch legs, get something to eat and have a drink in daylight! The kids were not too impressed with my choice of food, and just wanted to get back to watch Inside Out.

Inside Out is a slightly longer movie at 1h45 but it was exciting enough to keep my two entertained through to the end.
At the beginning they show the short film “Lava”. This was absolutely brilliant and the song is so catchy – I woke up this morning with it in my head and had to watch it on Youtube!

I highly recommend it, but it is extremely catchy and you will  not be able to get it out of your head!
Of course for little ones this was mighty confusing as they kept asking if this was Inside Out!!
Inside Out is great and I loved the concept, particularly as I think it could really be useful in helping children to understand their different emotions.
Each character represents a different emotion – joy, anger, fear, sadness and disgust. The idea of the memory balls and core memories, long-term memory and memory dump was very clever.
I thought that the overall moral of the story was brilliant –  that sometimes it is okay to be sad and that happiness can be born from sadness.
The kids enjoyed it and it was lovely that Rachel made up her own mind about the film, and said how much she had enjoyed it despite her friend telling her it was rubbish.

It was also fun for grown-ups with a couple of amusing sections which made me chuckle 🙂


Have you taken your little ones to the cinema? Do you have any recommendations to share with us of good movies for small children? Leave a comment below!