Half-term Family Fun at Packwood House

Towards the end of the half-term holidays, we finally enjoyed a day of fair weather and a family trip to Packwood House.
It is not the first time we have visited Packwood House – it is our most local National Trust property so we were there last summer, not long after we bought our membership.
This time, we went to check out the family activities that were going on for half-term.
After entering, we took a left turn and as intrepid explorers, we set off on the welly walk. Sadly Grandad had not come prepared with boots, so he spent the walk dodging the mud!
The children were not as careful!!

welly walk at Packwood House
After following the path around, we passed a hoopla game (very muddy but we still had a go!) And some musical hanging branches. A somewhat bare rainy shelter and plenty of tree trunks to climb on and jump off!
Somehow, by following the arrows, we ended up by a padlocked gate – so we hopped over it and found our way back to the other path. Not sure how we ended up where we did!
Next we headed past the house and into the gardens and lake on the other side.

packwood house

We walked around the lake showing Grandad the Packwood Follies as we went, and admiring the beginnings of a snowdrop carpet in the wooded area. I expect in a week or two it will be pretty amazing!


We did the tour of the house again, mainly to warm up and search for the little soft toy animals again so the children got their sticker. The last one proved very tricky to find, but we found the cheeky squirrel hiding in a pot plant!


Rachel did some colouring – a welly! – before we had a look in the kitchen garden. The teddy bears picnic we admired last summer was there but had been moved and was nowhere near as pristine as it had been! They had also moved it to somewhere the children could actually access it and play with it.

For anyone local to us, I would highly recommend the National Trust. They have a huge number of properties in the Midlands – see their website here. Next time we hope to set off earlier and make a day of it so we can go a bit further afield.