Kenilworth Carnival 2015

The fourth of July is a big day in the USA. here in Britain not so much. However this year it saw the Kenilworth Carnival 2015 being held not far from us.

We discovered the carnival last year and had a lovely day out there, so decided it was well worth doing again. Especially as the sun was shining on it again!

We arrived early and managed to park in pretty much exactly the same spot that we parked in last year!

As we were early we headed over to the playground and let the children have a little play there first. Uncle Andrew joined us this year and he met us by the playground.

After a walk and nose around the stalls, it was finally time for the fair to open.

As we had only brought limited amounts of cash with us, we told the children that they would have to choose wisely what rides they wanted to do.

But being wiley little characters, they managed to con Uncle Andrew into paying for them to have a go at the hook a duck! They both got a small prize and spent forever deciding what to get. Jack being a very stereotypical boy chose a plastic gun and Rachel being a very girly girl chose a soft toy.

Then they went on their first ride together – not sure what you would call it but they were loving the spinning round at great speed!

After this they had a turn on the mini rollercoaster – which was probably a bit tame for their thrill-seeking minds!

The final thing they wanted to have a go at was the bouncy trampolines. Rachel has always been a fan of these, having been on them many times since she was four and we stayed at a Haven holiday park, where they had one.

With all the money spent, we headed back to the car to set up and enjoy the picnic in the sunshine, before watching the parade go by.

The parade is generally quite impressive for a small town with lots of floats decorated up by many different local schools, scot and brownie troups and local businesses.

This year’s theme was quite obviously a sea/beach theme with many mermaids and beach scenes going past.

We had intended to bring along some small bags of change, but being us, we forget to get any – must remember to do this next year – but we scraped together a few pennies for the children to put into the nets, and there were plenty for them to pick up where people had thrown them as the floats went past.

I think the highlight for everyone where we were watching was right at the beginning of the parade. Two cars came along a side street opposite us and despite the obvious barriers and crowds of people turned onto the road just as the parade was approaching. A steward raced after them – one managing to turn into the car parking area  – whilst the second carried on up the hill. The steward charged after him and everyone cheered when he caught up with the car and made them reverse all the way back to the side road they had come from. Cue more big cheers as the steward ran back to his position – waving and saluting to the crowds as he went. Hilarious!

There were plenty of other things to do after the parade – including performances over in the park, but we decided that we had had enough time in the sun and were ready for home.

But we are already looking forward to next year!

Here is our video of the day!