National Forest Adventure Farm

We had a lovely trip to meet some friends at the National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire.
We had not been there before, and at about 45 minutes drive from where we live, it’s not exactly handy, but it’s also not that far away really and is a good, central meeting point for us.
We arrived about 11am and despite the weather forecast threatening non-stop rain, the sun was shining.
The children decided to make the most of the fair weather and relative quietness of the farm to head out onto the outdoor play areas first.
They have 2 large bouncy pillows – one for older children and one for under 8’s- as well as a bouncy obstacle course with slide. The 4 children had a great time bouncing around on these. The only down side was that all the play areas are surrounded by sand so they quickly had damp, sandy, dirty socks!!



Once they were all bounced out, they moved to the wooden climbing course and we laughed at them all trying and failing to get across the spinning log!


Then the bigger boys wanted to play football. There were 2 “goals” (wooden boards with holes in to try and get the ball in the hole). My two had a go but had more fun throwing the balls in the holes rather tham kicking.
There was also a dinosaur dig – giant dinosaur bones buried under the sand , with spades and brushes provided for you to make your archeological discoveries – and just a big sandpit too.

Then we headed off to see the animals.
There is an indoor barn with chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, as well as some pigs and calves.

The ponies and alpaca were out in the field so we popped out to see them and the kids took a turn grooming a couple of the ponies.

By this time we were starving, so we headed in to the restaurant and indoor play area. My monsters ran off and disappeared into the soft play while we hunted for a table and got some lunch.
After dragging them away from the slides, we had a good lunch. They had a decent looking menu with hot food, but we stuck with sandwiches –  the children had the standard kids lunch bag, 4 items plus drink for £3.95.
After managing to keep them still momentarily, they ran back into the soft play for a while before we forced them back outside.

We went to queue for the tractor ride, but as we were a little early they had a try on the motorised tractors (£1 a turn). I had thought my two might struggle, but actually they handled them quite well.

When they were done we headed on the tractor ride – once round the fields, spotting the scarecrow signs as you go. Jack and Rachel enjoyed guessing how many there would be, and then counting them as we went.
Jack was also super impressed when they played a funny (farmer) version of Oasis’s Wonderwall over the tannoy system!
Then they had a go on the barrel ride.
You can see them doing that here:
Finally back to the outdoor play for a bit, before ice-cream and home.
All in all it was a lovely day.
We had lovely company, the weather held out, the Adventure Farm was great, with plenty to occupy all ages.
The only downside was that Daddy had to stay home as he was poorly.