Picnic at West Wittering Beach

The weather forecast for our week in Selsey was not looking too brilliant.

So when we had a nice day, I jumped at the chance to drag everyone over to the BlueFlag beach at West Wittering.

I had read great things about this beach and had also seen that a part of it, called East Head was maintained by the National Trust.


So, I packed us up a picnic – no mean feat for 5 adults and 3 children – and we headed off around 10am.

The beach is free to visit, but you have to pay a fee for the car park – on this date it was £8, but as the sign is an electric one I guess they change this.

The children, once again, couldn’t wait to go into the water, so as soon as we had parked up, they were dragging us down to the beach.

As well as buckets and spades, our holiday bungalow was equipped with bodyboards, which Rachel had spied and was determined to use to surf! She really didn’t get the idea of bodyboards – neither did her brother! But they had great fun playing on them.


Then it was over to Daddy and Grandad to start constructing sandcastles with the children.wpid-img_20140826_182330.jpg

They decorated the turrets with stones and feathers and made a lake in the centre.

As the tide was now starting to come in, the lake quickly filled.

Unfortunately, the tide also soon started to destabilise the castles and they started to crumble back into the sea.

By now we were hungry and the rest of the party was on their way – babies nap times must be respected even if it was sunny and there was a lively beach to visit!)

So we headed back to the car, where Daddy had set us up a lovely little picnic spot – sunbeds, chairs, blankets.


Of course both children wanted the sun beds so I soon got turfed off the one I had hoped to sit on and ended up on the blanket!

We had a yummy picnic -even if I do say so myself – sandwiches, sausage rolls,  cheese rolls, crisps, cakes, juice, and for once, everyone ate well. Obviously the sea air had improved some little peoples appetites.

After lunch,we headed back onto the beach for a paddle with little baby Z.


Then we headed over to East Head to find the beautiful soft white sand dunes.

Jack wasn’t too keen on the grass in the sand dunes “it’s too scratchy” but he loved the soft white sandy hills and Rachel loved making sand angels and rolling down the hills.


Finally, everyone was tired, so we headed back to the car, stopping to collect shells. Then Grandad made Rachel’s name in the sand with stones and shells, but she walked ahead, so never saw it directly.

We had one last paddle before we left.