Soft Play and Baby cuddles

We haven’t yet written about one of our favourite indoor activities – soft play.
There numerous soft play areas round the country that you can visit with your children. They are generally safe, not too expensive, great places to go and wear out your energetic children!
What is soft play? Well, basically, it is sending your kids into a padded room and telling them to go wild! There are usually ball pits, slides, giant soft bricks and shapes to play with, climb on, throw round etc.

This morning we went to meet my friend, her little girl and her 1 week old baby girl.

I had been lucky enough to stop in at her house for a visit and cuddles the day before, but Rachel and Jack were super excited to go to meet the baby.

Rachel has been obsessed with babies ever since before Jack was born, so for her this was a majorly exciting time!

Jack too loves babies and is very sweet when he sees them.

We often meet with Becci and Millie at Blooms Garden Centre in Rugby.

It is somewhere between our 2 homes and with its lovely cafe, and great little soft-play area, it is a fab place for us to meet. We can drink tea and coffee, have breakfast or lunch, and the kids can go and play.

We do go there a lot, so sometimes we have to keep an eye on our 3 year olds, as they can get carried away and think that they own the place – which can sometimes cause problems in the soft-play area.

Luckily we had big sister Rachel on hand to keep an eye on them, so we could cuddle the new baby and chat.

Of course before they went into the soft play, both mine had to have a cuddle with the new baby!


She is very, very gorgeous and very small. Practically perfect in every way. She reminds me of the really realistic babies that they now make. Model material!

We had a lovely morning catching up and playing.