St Nicholas Park

I had never heard of St Nicholas Park, until I read a post by a local, fellow blogger, Iona at Redpeffer – click here to read more – Play Park.
It looked amazing and something that the kids would love, so one afternoon, while Rachel was at a friends house for a playdate, I decided to take Jack on a reccy mission.
We arrived at lunchtime and the car park was already full, so we parked at the car park on the other side of the river.
We had to walk back over the river, but it wasn’t that far really.

We crossed the park and headed first for the playground.
Jack wanted to have a go on everything but it was so busy we had a quick slide and play in the sand before moving on.
We went next into the splash park/paddling pool area. Jack loved this, and had great fun splashing around.

In between paddles, I managed to get him to stop for some sandwich and crisps, as we hadn’t had lunch yet!
After splashing we grabbed a bottle of water from the cafe and headed into the funfair.
They had obviously increased the token prices for the summer, as they were now 80p per token, and all rides apart from the bouncy slide 1 token each (the bouncy slide was 2). We bought 11 tokens for £8.00 and wandered around towards the bouncy slide. There were some great rides for little children, although Jack was a bit small for some. Also it was a bit annoying to see that there were other attractions that you could not use tokens to pay for – like the toy grabber machines and the hook-a-duck.
Jack had a fantastic time, loving every minute and smiling all the way round.


After we had used all the tokens, we headed back for another splash, had a quick climb on the climbing frame and then headed back towards the river.

Just by the river they were offering pony rides and I was a bit sceptical as to whether Jack would want to do this as last time he had a pony ride, he had screamed blue murder when the pony had pooped! But he desperately wanted a ride, so I let him have a go and he loved it!

After that we headed back to the bridge, waving to a family of swans and headed home.
It was a great place, although, unsurprisingly as it was school holidays, it was ridiculously busy. I imagine it would be better during term-time!

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