The Fillongley Show 2015

Well it was on our summer to-do list last year, but we never made it. So when I heard the Fillongley show was on this weekend it was a must for us!
Especially as we had no plans – a rare occurence by all accounts!fun
I was riding in the morning, so we didn’t make it over there until after lunch. But I think that was the best time with the kids.

Entry was £7 per adult and Rachle was free as she was in fancy dress. Pretty sure they gave us Jacks entry for free too, but wasn’t really paying attention!
We headed in and straight to see the pigs, who were having a lie down in their pens by the entrance. Jack seems to finally be comfortable around animals, although he indignantly announced that they were very smelly!!
We had a lovely walk around, stopping to look at this and that.
We investigated the craft tent – where we recognised a few items Rachel owns – rag dolls! – and then outside the tent, Jack was happy to see the scarecrows – especially the Spiderman one!!
The children had spotted a bouncy slide from the car park, so we headed there – mainly to stop any more whining! £2 for 5 minutes was quite reasonable we thought.
While they bounced, I wandered over to watch some of the horses in action. Some beautiful creatures were there, as well as some really cute little shetland ponies!
We stopped to say hi to the Exmoor Ponies on display from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, and a lovely lady gave us a little cardboard braiding wheel – filled with wool from the rare breeds animal – and showed us how to do it. It turns out it’s a pretty addictive craft as I stood for ages doing it, after the kids had wandered off to meet and feed some chickens.
At abouy 2pm it looked like it might consider raining so we headed into one of the tents and set about decorating some snowflakes – there was a “Frozen” theme for the kids, with an appearance from Elsa and Anna and a parade of “Frozen” fancy dress planned for 2.30pm (hence Rachels outfit!).elsa
Luckily the weather soon cleared up again, so after we had decorated a few snowflakes, we headed down to the main ring to prepare Rachel for her big moment – the “Frozen” parade.
Before the children went on, we watched the Quack Pack display. This was brilliant and I believe he is due to be on tv soon, so I would keep your eyes open for it.
Rachel paraded with the other Elsa and Anna’s. Sadly she didn’t win the prize – although we thought she deserved to win as all the others were wearing shop-bought outfits – nowhere near as good as our homemade one!
We had another wander around – Rachel was desperate to meet the sheep, for some strange reason, then we treated ourselves to ice creams and lollies and set off for home.animals
A great day and another thing we will definitely repeat again next year. Maybe with the kids a bit older, we will go for longer. Wish I could convince Rachel to get back into her riding again. A few rosettes to decorate our house would be awesome!!