The Kenilworth Carnival 2014

wpid-wp-1404580352553.jpegA couple of weekends ago saw Kenilworth town hosting its 82nd annual town carnival, and as Dad was coming down I thought it would be a nice day out for us. Having never been to the carnival before and only having found limited info on the net I was totally unsure of what we would find there. But even if it was not that great, we knew that there was a great playground at Abbey Fields which would keep the children entertained anyway. I expected that the town centre might get busy, so I thought we had better set off quite early in order to find somewhere to park. We packed up a mega-picnic and picnic blanket and set off. wpid-img_20140705_155849.jpg Well we were definitely, pleasantly surprised by what we found. When we arrived, we found that the scouts were showing people into an overspill car park on Abbey fields itself and we had arrived at the perfect time as we got a road-facing car parking spot. And for £2 with the 50pence programme thrown in you couldn’t beat it. wpid-collage-2014-07-05-16_35_51.jpg.jpegWe headed over to the playground via the , closed-at-the-time funfair and local businesses stalls. The children ran around the playground for a few minutes until they realised that the zip wire had been fixed since we were last here and they raced over to that! Their joy at this treat, was soon surpassed when we saw that the funfair had opened and they rushed to and fro between all the rides, wanting to have a go on everything, completely oblivious to the fact that every ride cost between £2 and £3 a time! wpid-wp-1404580254801.jpegFirst of all they went on a mini roller coaster, which started off really slowly but did speed up somewhat as the ride went on. Then we took a walk around the other rides and stalls. Next up was the lucky dip – Jack got some marbles and Rachel got a horn blowing the thingumajig- followed by a quick plane trip. Then they jumped on the high flying chair swing, which Rachel loved and looked enormous on, when sitting next to Jack, who looked rather like he might have fallen out of it had there not been a bar to hold him in!! After the swings was the dodgems. Hubby and Rachel had one car and Jack and I had another. I have to say I wasn’t very keen. It was difficult for us to move anywhere as jack was steering – badly – but when the other cars bumped into us, they hit us with some force and afterwards, Jack was complaining that his tummy hurt and I think it was where the seatbelt was digging into him when we got rammed. There was time for one more ride before lunch and they chose – quite wisely, as it was definitely their favourite thing of the day – to go on a clown ride. They both had grins from ear to ear as it went up and Rachel pulled the funniest, turning faces every time it came down. After the clown they really wanted to go on the bouncy castle, but it wasn’t quite ready, so we headed back over to the car and laid out the picnic in front of the car, right next to the roa d along which the parade was going to come. The food I had prepared went down quite well with everyone. I was quite surprised that Jack tucked into the quiche and sausage rolls, rather than the babybel and crisps I had expected him to choose. Then it was finally time for the carnival parade and the sun came out to accompany it. wpid-wp-1404580429772.jpegThanks to our parking spot and lunchtime location, we had a great spot on the roadside to see all the parade up close. First up was the marching band, followed by the carnival queen and her entourage. Then there was Air cadets, the Wizard of oz and Frozen floats. Then a christmas, a beach, a choir and and an under the sea float came past us. By this stage we had realised that we needed some small change to put in the money tins and nets they were all holding out, so Rachel popped back to Daddy to get some. wpid-collage-2014-07-05-16_42_41.jpg.jpeg Then there was another Father Christmas, a jungle, dogs trust, pirate and disney floats. Then Jack’s favourite – the Minions walked past us, some cowboys and indians and then Rachel’s favourite – the free radio cars! wpid-wp-1404580273078.jpeg After the parade, we tidied up the picnic. Rachel was particularly and uncharacteristically helpful with this! She was obviously in a huge rush to get back to the fair – and the promised bouncy castle . wpid-wp-1404580279642.jpegIn all fairness it was probably the biggest bouncy castle I have ever seen! They only got about 5 minutes on it. but they loved every single second. Of course they were the ones that embarrassingly wouldn’t get off at the end of the time. However in their defence, at the time the man started to ring his bell, they were about as far away from the exit as they could have been! wpid-wp-1404580375166.jpegAfter this, we went to see the Coventry Blaze cheerleaders perform in the Main arena – which i have to say was not much of an arena- but apparently the area should have been slightly larger and different, but due to the one field being a bit waterlogged they had and to move the fair and other attractions over. The final ride was on the train/truck/bike ride. And of all the options the kids chose to go on the goose/swan car…. We headed off after this via the stalls and ice-cream van where we spent the last of our money. It was a great day and now we can’t wait for our next fun outing next weekend!

Super Busy Mum