Woodland Trails and Shell Seeking at Upton House NT

Today we went on a family day out to Upton House.
I finally had a whole weekend off work, and got to spend time with my family.
And what a lovely day we had too.
My dad had come down to visit for the weekend, and we took the opportunity to go and visit my brother as it has been ages since we saw him and otherwise it would probably be christmas before we all got together again.
Upton House is a National Trust Property, just outside of Banbury where my brother lives.
We picked him up on the way, as his car had died. Luckily with hubby’s new 7 seater, we had plenty of room!
We arrived just before lunchtime, so before going into the house, or having lunch, we decided to follow their woodland trail.
This is a great feature, to engage the little ones, as there are logs to climb on, dens to hide in, woodland creatures to find and even a fairly random picture frame suspended from the trees – so you can capture your own picture of nature. I guess this would be a great thing to do at different times of the year to capture how nature evolves.
After walking the trail, we meandered past the restaurant and headed straight into the house to have a look around.
In this house we had to look for shells as Upton House was the home of the Bearsteads who were linked to the Shell Oil company.
Lord Bearstead was also a great art collector, so Upton House houses many amazing paintings.
There is another great feature of this house for the children as there are plenty of hands-on activities and things they are actively encouraged to touch.
Snooker table, dressing up room, book spines (to compare how things are affected by repeatedly being handled, early 20th century children’s games and many more.

Rachel and I dressed up in 1930's garb!

Rachel and I dressed up in 1930’s garb!

After we had explored the house and squash court gallery – where there were children’s activities, we headed out into the gardens.
We saw the swimming pool and enjoyed the views and then realised that where we thought there was just a green hill rolling down from where we were, there were actually flower and vegetable gardens, pools and paths a plenty.
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