Autumn Fairy Skirt

Following the success I had making Rachel’s Frozen Dress, and having seen a similar themed item on my pinterest feed, I decided to make Rachel a cute little Autumn fairy tutu skirt.wpid-collage-2014-09-24-12_33_06.jpg.jpeg

The pattern is basically the same, but with a few little tweaks.

Instead of using a crochet boob tube, I just used a crochet headband – as Rachel is very skinny, it stretched plenty to get it around her waist!
  I chose the brown ones, but of course they are available in many different colours, depending on what you want to use them for.

Then I bought 1 metre of various different 54″ nets – in orange, yellow, brown and green.

wpid-wp-1412105956123.jpegI also bought a really pretty voile material with a lovely leaf pattern on it, to incorporate into the top layer of the skirt.Gold theme embroidered PACIFIC leafs LACE organza net Curtains Draping voile Fabric

wpid-wp-1412105884739.jpegThe method was the same as the frozen-style dress I made, except this time, I made it into a short skirt.

I laid out each piece of 54″ wide material and cut it in half.

Then I took one of these halves and folded it in half again and then cut it into 3 or 4 inch wide strips.

Then I alternated between colours, as I looped it through the bottom row of holes on the crochet headband. I probably put on in every 3-4 holes.wpid-wp-1412106227134.jpeg

I then repeated this entire process in the 3rd row of holes on the headband – having to loop it in through the 2nd row and then out the 3rd.wpid-wp-1412106424192.jpeg

Finally I did one more layer and on this one I interspersed the colures nets with the gold fabric.wpid-wp-1412105916273.jpeg

And that was it! Super simple, no sew, pretty autumn tutu skirt.

I also still have enough material to make at least 1 if not 2 more skirts too, so the cost was really only about £6!

I paired it with brown legging and a mocha long sleeved top and voila. I think she likes it…