Making a minion t-shirt

After my success with following a Pinterest idea to create my daughters Frozen Dress, I thought I ought to make an effort to create something for Jack too.

He has recently discovered Despicable Me and loves the minions so it seemed a natural choice when I stumbled upon this great tutorial for making a Minion T-shirt.

I bought a yellow t-shirt from Ebay and decided to try some fabric crayons from Yellow Moon.

The total cost was £6.19. A bargain!

I followed the directions using the crayons instead of paint.


In order to fix the design to the t-shirt you then have to iron it on.

This was easy enough – sandwich it between 2 other fabrics and then iron with a cool iron. I do, however, now have a tea towel with the Minions face imprinted on it! And the vibrant colours somewhat faded with the ironing so I had to give them another coating.

It looks pretty good though and Jack loves it!

homemade minion t-shirt

Only downside is that after washing, it has lost a fair bit of the colour so will maybe have to do another re-coat or givein to buying the fabric paints!


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