Making a Story Bag

I have to thank a teacher friend for this idea! So thank you Lynn!

A story bag is a bag full of ideas for stories!

We made one to help our 6 year old with her creative writing.

First of all we made the bag from some old bedding.

1. Get an old duvet or pillowcase
2. cut a rectangle out of the corner
3. sew a hem at the top
4. sew up the open side
5. cut a small hole in the top hem
6. feed some ribbon through the top hem to tie the bag up.

Then we filled it with some small toys, pictures, photos and words.

Rachel has to choose 4 things out of the bag and then make up a story about those 4 things!

Sounds easy right?

Maybe, maybe not but here is the first story it helped her to write:
She picked out
1. a miniature dog
2. a lady
3. a photo in the woods
4. a photo of herself walking a goat