T-shirt Design Kit for kids – Review

We were lucky enough this week, to get the chance to review the t-shirt design kit for kids from buytshirtsonline.co.uk

We received 2 kits, one for my 7 year old daughter and one for my 4 year old son, which was brilliant as I daresay there would have been arguments if they hadn’t both had the opportunity to review.

Here they are opening the parcel when it arrived :

They received a white fruit of the loom t-shirt each in the appropriate sizes – 3-4 for Jack and 7-8 for Rachel.

They also received a character transfer sheet. I had selected these for them, spiderman for my little superhero crazy boy and princesses for my super girly girl!

They were excited as you can hear on the film!

Also in the package was a packet of fabric pens – more like paint than pens, but I will get onto that in a minute.

T-shirt Design Kit for KidsWe decided to do the transfers first, so here is a potted version of what you need to do.

It is actually really straightforward and the instructions that came with the kit were lovely and clear.

You cut out the transfer leaving approximately half a centimetre round the edge of the design.

Then you lay it face down on your t-shirt – it has a checked print on the back so you know which is the right way – and iron over it for approximately 90 seconds.

Then you need to leave it to cool – easier said than done with my two impatient mini’s!!

Once cool you carefully pull up one corner of the transfer and slowly peel it off.

tshirt 2
It really is that simple!
Warning – adults should do the ironing for smaller children, as it gets really hot. I did let my daughter have a go, but she was heavily supervised!!

Then we got to crack open the pens! We decided to use them to draw designs on the backs of the t-shirts. However, sadly they didn’t come with many instructions and it was a few minutes before we realised that the paint soaked through the t-shirt.

As soon as we realised, we put some newspaper inside the t-shirt and this solved the problem.

The paint was quite hard to use. Jack had his turn first, and he managed to use it a bit better than Rachel did, but I guess the paint pens had more paint in them when he was using them… There is a bit of knack to using them – you need to squeeze as you draw – the paint comes out in globs a bit, but it turns out it is a puffy paint and has a 3d finish, so it is kind of meant to come out like that!

With a bit of help we made some great designs!

tshirts 3
The paint takes about 5 hours to dry – luckily we took the kids out for the afternoon, otherwise, they would have been continually checking and touching them!

Once dry, the children were very excited to try on their new t-shirts!

finished t-shirts!

finished t-shirts!

*We received the t-shirt design kits for kids  for the purposes of this review, however all opinions and comments  are entirely our own.*