Happy New Year, 2016!

The decorations are down, the presents are all opened and played with. Now it is time to welcome the New Year and get back to normal.
I haven’t blogged a lot recently. Life got in the way and so I took a bit of a break, to recharge my batteries and brain and love of blogging. So, here we are, starting the New Year, with a brand new post – mostly rambling thoughts from inside my head and plans for the year ahead.
As the New Year was arriving last night, I, like many other parents (I am sure!) was lying awake, my 4 year old wriggling around next to me having been woken up by the fireworks, contemplating life.
This is my 40th year of life.
A couple of years ago, if you had asked me if that would bother me, I would have laughed and said no. Even a few months ago I would have ridiculed the idea that it would worry me. 40 is just an age and we all get older every year so I was convinced I would accept it graciously.
But now that it is almost here, I am starting to freak out (a little, well maybe a bit more than a little!).
I mean, I don’t feel 40. 40 sounds, well I am not going to say old.., so, let’s say.. grown up. And I really don’t feel that old grown up yet…

What have I achieved to date? At least half my life is over…Have I lived it to it’s fullest? Have I done everything I wanted to?
Well no, of course not. There is so much more I want to do, and so much more I wish I could have done when I was younger. But, I don’t think many people could honestly say, hand on heart, that they have achieved everything they set out to do.
I love to travel, but there is plenty of the world I have yet to see. Will I see it all? I doubt it! Will I try and visit some more of the world? Yes, of course!

I have two beautiful children, but they often drive me mad. They fight, they are definitely a bit spoilt, they misbehave, but sometimes when they don’t know I am listening I hear snippets of conversation between them that make my heart melt. Just yesterday, in the car, I heard Jack telling Rachel about some girls who laughed at him at school and she comforted him and told him he was not to listen to people when they are being mean to him, and that that’s what she does when people are saying mean things to her. ❤ They may not be perfect (often they are far from it!), but they are special.

So what will we be up to in this, my fortieth (eek) year on this planet?
Well, I will not be starting it by making any resolutions. I only break them anyway. Let’s simply say that I will try and be healthier and happier and stress less. But I don’t hold out much hope!!

In January, we will be celebrating another big event. For our 10th wedding anniversary, we will be enjoying a child-free weekend in London. We will be staying in the best hotel in London, and the recently voted 4th best boutique hotel in the world! Hotel 41. Look it up, it looks amazing! Obviously this gives me an excuse to go shopping. I mean, I can’t go to a super posh hotel wearing Primark’s finest skinny jeans and slogan t-shirt, can I?!
We will be dining in style and hopefully taking in a matinee in the West End – we are hoping to get a good deal from the TKTS booth – they served us well in New York last year. It should be a lovely couple of days.
Next, at Easter, we are heading to the USA for a holiday of a lifetime. Well I call it that, but I think hubby rather hopes it to be the first of many similar trips!
We will be spending a fortnight there. Firstly, we will spend a few days on the Gulf Coast, staying with family friends. Then a quick hop over to the Bahamas, where we will be staying at the Atlantis resort (albeit, the cheapest section of the hotel) and revisiting the places we went to 10 years ago for our honeymoon. Then finally, we will be heading back to Florida for a few, relaxing (pah!) days at Disney.
It is going to be EPIC!
In the summer, we were intending to stay home, but my lovely Dad is now taking us away to Ibiza, on the evening that Jack finishes in Reception and Rachel finishes year 3.
This year, Jack will turn 5 – and hopefully, finally grow out of the threenager stage which has so far lasted a whole extra year.. And Rachel will turn 8 (I can’t believe it..) She is already a junior at school which is mindboggling, and she acts like a real pre-teen at home!

What else will happen this year is anyone’s guess! Hopefully there will be days out, time spent with family and friends, crafting, baking and so on and so forth. Of course there will be work, work and more work. How else would we pay for the holidays and other fun stuff that needs paying for?!
And then there will be blogging. I will never be a top blogger, I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to it. But I will plod on and if anyone reads what I write, then I will be satisfied!

So that’s all I have for now.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2016! (even if it will mean me turning 40…aaaaaaaaagghhhhh!!!)