Injections by Jack, 3


Today Mummy took me to the Doctors to have my pre-school injections.
I did not know what an injection was.
Mummy told me all about it last week.
Mummy said that it might hurt a little bit and that I might cry but that that was ok.
She told me the nurse was going to put some special soldiers into my arm to stop me from getting poorly.
She said if I was brave she would get me a treat. I really wanted some new Thomas the Tank engines so I wanted to go right away.
I had a bit of a tantrum because Mummy said I had to wait until my appointment day.
But I still didn’t know what an injection was.
I went with Mummy to the vets with our cat Rocky, as she needed to have some injections. I thought I would find out here – but the vet took Rocky into another room so I didn’t see it.

So today was the day.
I was excited to go to the Doctors after nursery as I really wanted to get my new toys.
Mummy told me that the injection might feel a bit sore – just like the other day at nursery when I got stung by a bee.
The nurse said I had to sit on Mummy’s knee and I was going to have 2 injections, one in each arm.
Mummy held me tightly while the nurse did the first one.
It really hurt.
Then I had to turn around so the nurse could see my other arm.
I didn’t want other one. I cried..
Mummy held me tightly and told me how brave I was being.
The nurse did the other injection. I cried some more.
Then the nurse said it was done and Mummy produced some sweeties.
After a couple of minutes I stopped crying and felt ok.
We met Daddy in the car park. He asked me how it was and I told him it was good.
I told Daddy about the special soldiers marching around my body now to protect me.
Mummy said I was like a brave knight.
I said can we go home now and get my treats?
I was very happy. I got Porter and Millie. 2 new engines that I really wanted.


By Jack, 3.

Have your children had injections? How did they react? What did you tell them beforehand, if anything? Did you reward them for being brave? If so, how?

Please leave us a comment as we love to read them.

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