Mount Nod’s Cheerleaders – CheerFest January 2015

Rachel is in her second year of cheerleading with the Mount Nod Mini Owls.

She loves it and is gaining in confidence all the time.


My little cheerleader, posing with poms 🙂

Last year the school took the mini owls team to the UKCA schools competition for the first time – read about the fun we had here! – and their coaching team led by Mrs Hemmings received the coach of the year award 🙂
So, a  week or so ago, the cheerleaders hosted a display for all the parents – called Cheerfest. It was their chance to show off to all the parents, whilst also raising money to get new uniforms for the mini owls.

The first half of the display, was taken up with them explaining and demonstrating various key elements of cheerleading. These included things such as jumping, tumbling ( this is all the cartwheels, rolls, flips etc.) and arm motions – (high V, T, Broken T, Daggers – yes I know them all!!)
As Rachel is now one of the older children in the mini owls (the key stage one group), she took part in all their displays. Then the older Owls (the key stage two groups) showed us some of the more complicated lifts.including the extension lift – which is really high!

After a refreshment break – mainly for the cheerleaders – they came back and performed some of their routines for us.

Admittedly they still need to work on timing, but I think it is so adorable to see the little ones giving it a go, and putting their all into it.
Cheerleading, amongst other things, has really helped Rachel gain confidence and I hope it will continue to do so as she grows and develops.
(Plus I love the idea of being a cheer mom 🙂 )

We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!