Surviving a plane journey with toddler/small child!

surviving plane journey with toddler/small child(ren)!

waiting for the plane

So over Easter we travelled to Cyprus for a family holiday.

It was the furthest we had flown with our kids (although not by much) and keeping them entertained is always interesting, no matter their age!

So for those of you who are braving the dreaded plane journey with your little one(s), here are some top tips from us!

1. Be Prepared – talk to them all about it in advance, so that they know what is going to happen. It won’t necessarily stop all the whining, but it might help a bit!

2. Bring snacks and drinks – plane journeys can be quite dehydrating and, especially if you have already been travelling beforehand, then your kids will get hungry. It also helps to break up the journey and give it a bit of structure.

3. Entertainment – 4 yr olds and 6 yr olds for that matter(!) need to be kept entertained on long flights.
As I did last year, I prepared both kids a busy box.
As my 4 yr old is really into superheroes this year, I trawled the internet and found this fantastic pre-k superhero pack by Over the Big Moon .com. Full of activities that kept him entertained for a while.
We also packed pens, plastic kids scissors, glue stick, stickers, paper, card, a magazine and a little craft activity – for Jack it was a make your own sheriff badge from baker ross.
Finally for Jack, as he is currently into letter writing practise, I brought a wipeable letter book.

4. Look out the windows – my little man enjoyed looking out the windows and talking with me about what he could see! And that was despite us sitting right over the wing!

5. Make sure everyone is well rested before hand! – Tired grumpy kids and tired grumpy parents are not a good mix when travelling by plane!

6. Talk about other passengers – unless you have a private jet, which most of us sadly don’t, then you should take some time to explain to your children about respecting the other passengers. Screaming/crying/whining kids = annoying
Kids that kick the chair in front or bounce on their chair = annoying
Etc, etc, etc.

7. Dependant on the time of the flight, you may be lucky and they may want to sleep. Bring a teddy or a pillow they can lean on otherwise cue plenty of moaning that they can’t get comfortable!

Mostly just breathe, stay calm and try to enjoy it. Remember you are more than likely either going on holiday or coming home from one – both events worth celebrating.

Happy flying everyone!